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Francis Bautista
VTEC just kicked in yo, 24/7!!!!!
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28th-Oct-2008 09:26 pm - Training for a new martial art?
Travis Touchdown
So I've started going to the "Boxing Club" with charlie, and I'm slated to go for the cardio kickboxing and beginner muay thai classes.  Tim, I think i'd better pick up that Sagat remix album of yours.

It's been 10 years since I started taking martial arts classes, and here I am again starting something new.  It feels so familiar, yet fresh.  I'm excited again =).
20th-Oct-2008 04:33 pm(no subject)
Travis Touchdown

This my friends, is what I live for.  It's funny, this Daicon Film masterpiece is as old as I am.  

For those of you who are wondering what they hell they've seen, this was Daicon Film's video that put them on the map.  Daicon Film later became Gainax, those guys who fucked with our heads with Gunbuster, Evangelion, FLCL, and Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.  Looking on this now, I can't help but feel some sort of strange connection with this video.  It beckons me.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got some comic work to attend to.

28th-Sep-2008 02:04 pm - Back into the fold.
Travis Touchdown
I'M SORRY KIMCollapse )

I might be able to add some more material after playing this game. A few of the characters are gonna be based loosely off some of the people in the game...*cough*joanna*cough*.

Things at the comic groups are moving along nicely. My comic has nearly all of the character art finished, and we're going to start doing preproduction of the actual comic. In the waxed fruit side, everyone's projects are coming nicely. Soon, we're gonna have to start setting deadlines.

I'm off to visit my new nephew. Everyone says that he's bigger than me, and I was a big baby.

See ya.
26th-Sep-2008 12:54 pm(no subject)
Travis Touchdown
Post a comment and I’ll assign you a letter (A–Z). Then you have to post this in your journal with a list of ten things that you love beginning with that letter.

namelesschibi assigned me "P".

Peanut Butter - i love peanut butter.
Patricia Martin - Everyone's favorite Gaijin otaku.
Pencils - i like to erase things
Portals - I could pat my own back
Pirates - Yarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Penguins - Seriously, penguins.
Pumpkins - October is coming up...
Puddles - I like splashing in them.
Playstation 3 60 gb- w/Backwards Compatibility?! HELL YEAH.
Pierce Brosnan - my 2nd favorite Bond.


p.s. - Persona 3: FES.  I need to plop it in my playstation.
21st-Sep-2008 12:16 am - Persona 3: FES
Travis Touchdown
Am I really ready to become a Japanese high school student?

I'll plop it into my ps3 tomorrow.
19th-Sep-2008 01:40 pm - A busy afternoon.
Travis Touchdown
Okay, so I got a really strange call from Duval when I was w/Kris and Jared in North County. Comic meeting? Emergency? Um....sure. So I check Facebook and I find out that it's Titus' suprise party to celebrate his return. Ah, good ol' Tits D. So after I get a race in, and hit up Nobue-san for my haircut, I'm headin' down to JoJo's.

It's safe to say that I'm back to normal. Seriously. Thanks, everyone.
Travis Touchdown
You know, with everything that's happened this past week, it's a miracle that I have time to write this stuff out. Kind of a way to collect my thoughts here and there, y'know? Who knows, comic ideas just seem to hit me in the face, and I have to say that I'm doing a damn fine job of keeping them recorded.

Things at the Mixed Nuts/Wax Fruit Comic alliance are going quite well, I must say. Though things on my end are stagnating just a tad, everything else seems to be falling into place. That's why tomorrow, I'm going to be drawing out storyboards for the chapters that I have written out. While we're on the subject of the co-op, lemme see what I've spent so far this week alone.

Comickers Book - 25 bucks
Supplies - 30 bucks
Comic making book - 20 bucks
Manga Studio for Dummies - 25 bucks
Haruhi PVC statue - 10 bucks
Pizza - 20 bucks.

I've gotta slow down my spending =X. I have a payment to make on that camera.

And to certain members of our comic groups...DON'T OVEREXERT YOURSELVES. You're no good to us dead.
7th-Sep-2008 07:10 pm - Holy shit, you can't stop me now!
Travis Touchdown
It's official people. Mixed Nuts comics will be producing "Strawberry Scented Burnout" in an online format, and also in conjunction with the titles in the Wax Fruit Comics congolmerate. How does that make me feel? Pretty fuckin' epic, like Kamina-levels.

It's been about two months since I was dumped by my ex-girlfriend. I've gone to hell and back, and it was during those dark times that my soul for writing was reborn. Not only that, a few people hit me (metaphorically and physically), and reminded me just what was important. So now, I'm back to normal. And the comic that I've started writing has grown big time. I never really thought about going full tilt into the comic-making biz, but thankfully my friends @ Wax Fruit Comics are there, and they all have awesome stuff to bring to the table.

While we're on the subject of Wax Fruit Comics/Mixed Nuts Comics, lemme tell you guys what went down. Saturday Night (BEE-TO O KANJIRU KA II?) we went down to MinSokChon for some Karaoke fun with Jill(one of the Mixed Nuts co-writers). Fun ensued of course, and a few people were introduced to the awesome that is Soju. And yes Steve, Jill and Joanna did swap tartar. I'm sure the pictures are on her myspace as we speak.

And my guys at Mixed Nuts Comics, we've got a lot of material for the comic, and I'm still writing out more. The only stuff we gotta worry about is the character designs(Kris, that cover art is badass). I'll drop off some gifts sometime Kris.

There's no stopping us now.
22nd-Aug-2008 11:30 pm - Magical Battle Arena
Travis Touchdown
Yep. There's no turning back.
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