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Francis Bautista
VTEC just kicked in yo, 24/7!!!!!
An update, 'cuz we know how much you LOVE those. 
7th-Dec-2008 07:40 am
Travis Touchdown
Well, last night's fight was a surprise.  Pacquiao took down De La Hoya.  Although my sources tell me the fight was horribly one-sided.  In any case, congrats, Pac-man.

I've been spending my time resting, in between coughing spells and Metal Gear Solid 4, Tales of Vesperia, and Eternal Sonata.  Whatever bacterial infection I had is on it's way out now.  My only gripe is that I haven't been able to train in a week, which means that I've gotta work out double time to make up for the time that I've missed.  At least I can see the fruits of my training, I've lost a considerable amount of gut-space =).  A little more and I'll be ready for the new year.

Kim and Tim got married a few weeks ago, so congrats, Mr. and Mrs. Sheehy.  Leila and Enrique are getting married in a few weeks as well.  It's good to see weddings happening...and yet I wonder when the same will happen for me?  Obviously not any time soon.  To be honest, there are times when I wish that things didn't turn out the way they did.  Those thoughts quickly disappear when I remind myself just what the hell happened to me back in July.  It's kinda hard to not get all mushy at this time of year, right?  Well, as long as I've got my friends, I'll be okay.

The comic?  We've got some raw pages that need to be ink'ed digitally, and Mochi is working on the web layout.  I'd like to thank my staff for putting up with my shenanigans so far, 'cuz without them there'd be no comic.

Francis "Twitchy"  Bautista. Ramses "Ram" Rivera, Jill "Dammit" Encarnacion, David "Chibi" Quileza

Kristoffer "Kris" Sison, Francis "Charlie" Deogracias, Sapphire "Chief" Sandalo, Evan "NABESHIIIIIN" Williams

Quality Assurance/Making sure we don't get sued:
Jennifer "Jenny" Santos

Web Design Team:
Roland "Mochi" Steinert
7th-Dec-2008 05:09 pm (UTC)
Can I vote to change Lydon's nickname to "Fur-suiter"?
8th-Dec-2008 04:49 am (UTC)
You could, but he's the baddest mo-fo low down around this town.
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