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Francis Bautista
VTEC just kicked in yo, 24/7!!!!!
From the CEO's desk #1 
30th-Apr-2009 08:09 pm
Travis Touchdown
Let me get this off my chest.  The swine flu looks to be another case of the flu that we don't have regular immunity to.  So guess what.  If you get hit with it, let your immune system fight it off.  Just don't tax it by doin' more shit on top of your body's healing.

Anywhoo, I've found myself quite busy as of late, which is good.  Strawberry Scented Burnout is now online, I've become some sort of taskmaster when it comes to my peoples, and I've found time to start reading Tom Clancy novels.  I've started reading Rainbow Six, which is a pretty nifty novel.  The attention to detail that Clancy has in this book is immense.  It makes things very easy to picture.  Then again, playing it also helps.

I've found that once people know you're a comic writer/CEO, it tends to loosen people up.  I wonder what that's the case?  Maybe they're relieved that they've met someone crazier than they are?  Well, it gives me something to work with, so let's leave it at that.

I also spend a lot more time at the gym.  The Boxing Club is the shit.  Through the training sessions that I've gotten through, my body image is definitely changing for the better.  One of my old friends at SWC saw me recently and said that I've become "ripped and scary".  The scary part is what I'm having difficulty fathoming.

So, I'm going to be a good little blogger and update this more often.  So many things are going through my head, it's a good idea to collect my thoughts.

Can't stop the rock, and the Twitch, for that matter.

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